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November 22nd, 2011

Calvin making faces


What are the three websites you spend the most of time on?


LJ, Fox News, Drudge Report


Christmas music

What are you two favorite Christmas music CDs to play?

Mine: I only have one - Dean Martin: Christmas with Dino
web bot

reading the tea leaves

17 quotes on the upcoming financial crisis

Here is one from the guy I tend to keep an eye on who has done pretty good on analysis and truth of what is actually occurring and/or will happen:

Gerald Celente, founder of The Trends Research Institute: “The whole system is going down. Pull your money out your Fidelity account, your Schwab account, and your ETFs.”
Are you starting to get the picture?
When so many top financial professionals are freaking out like this, perhaps the rest of us should start paying attention.
They are telling us that “time is running out”.
They are telling us that “there is definitely going to be another financial crisis”.
They are telling us that this “is going to be worse” than 2008.
They are telling us that “the whole system is going down”.
Yes, a devastating financial collapse really is coming.  Just like in 2008, it will seem like the “end of the world” while it is happening, but it won’t be.  It will severely damage our financial system and our economy, but it will not finish us off.
Think of it this way.  When you build a sand castle at the beach, it doesn’t get totally wiped out by the first wave or the second wave that hits it.  Each wave does significant damage, but the destruction of your sand castle is a process.
It is the same thing with the U.S. economy.  We once had the most incredible economic machine that the world has ever seen.  It is constantly being gutted and the financial crisis of 2008 hit us really hard, but we are still doing okay.
After this next financial crisis we will be in even worse shape.  But we will still be breathing.
More “waves” will come after this next financial crisis.  If we continue on the road that we are on, our economy will progressively get worse and worse.
Not everyone will agree with this analysis, and that is okay.  In the end, time will reveal the truth to all of us.
Right now, we all need to get ready for the next wave that is about to hit us.  A lot of people are going to lose their jobs over the next few years.  Hopefully you are prepared for that.

Report: If Assad falls, Hezbollah will take Beirut

Hezbollah may launch a military offensive to take over the Lebanese capital of Beirut if the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad buckles to ongoing protests, Dubai-based Al Arabiya reported Tuesday according to "sources close to Hezbollah."

According to the source, despite an air of confidence in broadcasts from Hezbollah's Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, officials behind closed doors have begun to worry about the potential fallout that may result following the collapse of the Syrian regime, especially given the alliance between Hezbollah, Syria and Iran.

Israel has alleged that Iran smuggles weapons through Syria and to Hezbollah in Lebanon. In August, as protests raged across Syria, Turkish officials seized Iranian arms that were smuggled through Syria and reportedly en route to the militant Islamist group in Lebanon.

Story here

2 cents:
This is probably the sole reason why our government has not been overly vocal in demanding the removal of Assad.


Anybody know of a quick efficient way to clean up one's quantity of tags?

ain't that adorable?

Penguins released after being saved from oil spill.

Watch the short video :O)
Reagan is calling on you

it's still his fault

MSM (mainstream media) AP (Associated Press)announces that Super Committee's failure was Bush's fault.

The CES thanks them for their support.