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December 12th, 2011



Not exactly the weekend I had in mind but then again it wasn’t something worse so that is good. Sunday we went to Starbucks to read for a hour and half. I brought my mini with me and was going to catch up on LJ and Bible study. The mini still was set up with IE as the browser so it kept crashing while on LJ. I did a quick internet search for Firefox and downloaded and then ran it. I wasn’t paying attention and it bit me. It was a virus not the program. Someone had gone to great lengths to trick people and 9/10 times I would have caught it before running it, except on Sunday I was distracted and hurrying. A couple hours later and I have my mini restored without the virus and my AV reinstalled and Firefox installed. So no reading completed and a bunch of frustration and anger added. I’d really like to fa-la-la-la on that jerk’s head!

Selling access to US drone

Iran is driving a hard bargain for granting access to the US stealth drone RQ-170 it captured undamaged last week, as Russian and Chinese military intelligence teams arriving in Tehran for a look at the secret aircraft soon found. debkafile's Moscow sources disclose that the price set by Revolutionary Guards commander Gen. Ali Jaafari includes advanced nuclear and missile technology, especially systems using solid fuel, the last word on centrifuges for enriching uranium and the S-300PMU-1 air defense system, which Moscow has consistently refused to sell Tehran.

This super-weapon is effective against stealth warplanes and cruise missiles and therefore capable of seriously impairing any large-scale  US or Israeli air or missile attacks on Iran's nuclear sites.

Putin would not dicsuss with Lieberman of Israel.

whole article here