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Two pieces moving into place

Today's Peoplenomics was the most plain or spelled out explanation as to how they believe things are gonna unroll over the next year. I'll give my 2 cents at the end - which considering the actual value of the dollar would mean worthless input but that stings.

"Since NONE OF THIS IS TRADING ADVICE, and you agree to those terms,  how quick could all this unravel?


One possibility is that we could have a one or two week further nose-bleeder down to the  8,300 to 8,600 level between now and perhaps the 14th of July, but more likely a low would be set on the 12th or so - which would fit with an Israeli attack on Iran in that timeframe..


What would then follow might be a major rally in equities as the US MSM paints a picture of 'business as usual' and the US markets go blithely on trading to the upside pretending that war is good and so forth.


I expect this rally would only make it to our minimal 32% bounce off 8,500'ish.


That would bring us to the August 11 period, and from there the market would begin a serious decline into September/October, which would take us back down to (or jusrt under) the 6,627 lows of March 2009.


Then the gates of hell open up.


Tensions begin building all over the place, a 'coalition' of Muslim, Russian, and Chinese forces announce they are summarily kicking the US out of the Middle East and then it's "Game on!" for global thermonuclear war  (GTW) in early November.


Since the market at some precognitive level knows this is going to occur - a kind of karmic payback for doing the poisoning of the oceans and a multitude of other less-than-honorable actions on behalf of large corporate interests over human interests in virtually all parts of the world, the Rest of World may see (and they might not be wrong) that what was once upon a time a democratic republic has become infested with corporate control which has lost its moral GPS and smashed all remaining compasses of law both nature and divine, twisting it into a cancerous disease which left unchecked would be happily selling carbon-credits as the last breath is drawn in unfathomable pollution.

The really horrific weight (on what should  be a relaxing holiday weekend morning) is that a convergence of historical (and maybe even history-ending) events has come into view:  A globe-killing pollution event concurrent with a Middle East nuclear showdown concurrent with a market formation that argues for a collapse of the Western economy into shambles."

2 cents ~ so to speak:
I know that the big week of turmoil (according to them) is ahead of us and on a personal level I have 2 important interviews this week plus school resuming so I figure - as for myself - I got more than I can handle.
Considering what is going on in the world I do not see Israel attacking Iranian nuclear sites this week - if all things continue as they are today. It will be far too isolating plus Israel is not ignorant > they look across at the USA and the honestly don't think O and his administration will be a true ally. I can be completely wrong and - so be it.
Our economy is going to crash and on top of that the world economical systems will crash as well. The big question is when. Again I don't see the big hole happening right now. But it will and it will be sooner than later.
Considering these two quite serious events and what the Bible says about what will happen in the future I believe that what we are seeing is more of the pieces being moved that initiate two disasters or at least global disturbances that will open the door for someone to step in and "save" the secular world. Bible tells us that the person will do two specific things in the beginning that will give him the globe's acceptance:
1. Peace in the Middle East by way of a treaty
2. A new global economic structure

Now you & I can not seriously think that this is all a coincidence?
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