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Mush and Music

The result of six hours of managerial accounting work on the brain on a Sunday.
I am sure wifey is disappointed in the lackluster Sunday but besides withdrawing their is nothing I can do about it.
Entering week 4. 7 more weeks of similar weekends lie ahead.
Actually 19 more weeks since I have the last accounting class to complete next session.
All of this is worthless to me but I have spend the $ and the time to produce what they expect in order to get the freaking degree.
What a racket.

Yesterday while taking a breather from the nieces overnight stay I skimmed the recent Rolling Stone top 100 songs in rock and roll history. What a joke.
There were songs on the list I have never heard of which considering my love for music if the dang thing I've never heard it or the freaking group before I can't see how in the world it is a TOP song. Yet I was very aware of songs that did not make the top 100 which again proves why I don't subscribe to the RS magazine. I found a site that has the list:

Songs not on the list that should bump off some of the crud on the list:
Rush - Tom Sawyer, Spirit of the Radio, Working Man
Journey - Don't Stop Believing, Open Arms (since they included ballads on the list), Wheel in the Sky
Reo Speedwagon - Time for Me to Fly, Riding the Storm Out, Roll with the Changes, Keep on Loving You
Foreigner - Double Vision, Feels Like the First Time
Boston - More Than a Feeling
Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
KISS - Rock n Roll All Night, Detroit Rock City
ZZ Top - La Grange
T Rex - Get It On
Heart - Crazy on You, Barracuda
Bob Seger - Against the Wind, Old Time Rock & Roll
Def Leppard - Rock of Ages, Pour Some Sugar on Me
Styx - Renegade, Babe, Come Sail Away, Best of Times
Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline, America, Song Sung Blue
I gotta stop but hopefully you get the point. Check out the list they have and I bet you can easily laugh off 30 from the list.


Weather here is hot and humid meaning miserable.
I did not get either job I interviewed for recently so I am stuck.
That is all I have for now, I have been reading my friends' pages in case you are wondering.
Be well, take care, and here comes another week.

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