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more dates to remember

From my April 9th post

I had a weird thought (not a surprise I know) but it was the result of stewing and chewing over things going on in the world and numbers and stuff like that. Then around 2:30 when I wasn't thinking about this stuff WAHBANG.
I have a hunch that something significant is going to occur on August 9th.
I would put under terrorism attempt but I don't want to narrow that much.
new one added: 12/11/10
Remember 9/11?
Remember the attack in the UK?
And I am pretty sure either Bali or another place similar was hit on a number "coincidence" day.
So there you got it - August 9th - keep your eyes and ears open.
If anyone could remember the dates I am thinking about please share.

Along this line I want to go on record with
I have a couple other number related ideas but I need to do the math first - I plan to get it figured out tonight or tomorrow.

I don't believe in coincidences. Sure, I use it as an expression but the actual idea behind the word - nope.
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