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What a mess

Lets watch and see what O will do about this. My guess is very little if anything.

We - the USA - have destabilized the Middle East and set up the area for Iran to physically gain territory in the area.
Because the USA no longer goes into war to win the war because of the access the so called journalist and media have to such areas we treat the activities as SWAT version police actions. Go in and get the bad guy with the least amount loss of life and then pull out. Not only is this only effective in the movies and TV shows apparently those who are power in the government know that the USA citizens expect the same type of quick sterile action. And you know what - they are correct. The old quote "War is hell" is a truth that our government and military try hard to avoid because of the politics involved not only in the Congress and White House but also the offices of the DOD and Pentagon. This will all play out as a repeat in Afghanistan unless Taliban actually gain control of the nuclear arsenal. Then we will withdraw in defeat on a philosophy of negotiations and sanctions (see Iran).

Hizballah strikes US troops in Iraq, clears way for anti-Israel Eastern Front 

debkafile's military sources report increased Hizballah involvement in actions to terrorize, subvert and destabilize Iraq. A US intelligence source told debkafile's Iraq and counter-terror sources Monday Sept. 6: "Hizballah is striking US targets in Iraq as sub-contractor for Iran and Syria."
According to the Sunday Times of Sept. 5, Iranian "firms" in Kabul are shelling out $1,000 to Taliban for every American soldier they kill in Afghanistan.
These developments make nonsense of the dire predictions heard from some American military experts that an Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear facilities would unleash a wave of anti-US terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is happening anyway without Israel lifting a finger against Iran or its aggressive allies.
debkafile's counter-terror sources can exclusively reveal the nature and makeup of Hizballah's operation in Iraq:  The Lebanese terrorists are working directly and through two Iraqi Shiite affiliates.

1. Asaib al-Haq (League of the Believers):  Under a variety of names, such as the Qais Khazalis for its commander, this group spent the last four years under the tutelage of Hizballah officers at Revolutionary Guards bases in Iran.A few weeks ago, the Lebanese officersleft Iran and crossed into Iraq disguised as Shiite pilgrims  to spread out in Baghdad and the southern Iraqi towns of Karbala, Najef, Nassiriyeh and Basra from which to attack attack US targets.

2. Kata'ib Hizballah (Hizballah Brigades): This organization is commanded by Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis who visited Damascus on Aug. 21 with the Revolutionary Guards chief Gen. Ali Jafaari. They got together there with Syrian and Hizballah officers to synchronize their campaigns of violence in Iraq, Israel and the West Bank.

The Iraqi operation was clearly uppermost on the mind of Hizballah secretary general Hassan Nasrallah, judging from the number of words he poured out on Iraq in his speech in Beirut on Palestine Solidarity Day of Sept. 3 and the way he bracketed the two "resistance struggles."
"The steadfastness of the Palestinians, Syria, Iran and the Iraqi people has been able to foil the US plot seeking to partition the region and liquidate its resistance," he said. "The US withdrawal from Iraq is a sign of weakness and defeat." Furthermore, "the Americans came to Iraq to stay there and control it, but years later, they were surprised by the early resistance and cited enormous and strategic mistakes in their reading of the Iraqi arena."

debkafile's military sources report that Hizballah's increased involvement in actions to terrorize, subvert and destabilize Iraq on behalf of Syria and Iran is their first practical step for reviving the Eastern Front which threatened Israel in the days of Saddam Hussein.
In its contemporary re incarnation, the Eastern Front would be orchestrated from Tehran and link up with the armed-to-the-teeth Northern Front composed of Iran's cohorts, Hizballah, Syria and the Palestinian rejectionists.

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