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Yep I have noticed

I have not been doing any seriously delving into the news this week and about zilch in peoplenomics.
But I have noticed that storylines in the Washington Post, NYT and WSJ as well as Fox News, Drudge Report and CNN have been reporting about the reality (finally getting the news out) that ladies and gentlemen there is no recession recovery and things are darn near as bad as they were a year and even in some manners - two years ago. I also noticed where O agrees with my assessment and strategy in creating a valuable needed transportation infrastructure project/s that would lead to a boom in business (in quite a few industries) and create thousands of real jobs. A real rail system across the nation is something overdue. I am talking high-speed coast to in around 12 hours. We shall see...
All stated to share I have noticed slowly increasing pressure being deliberately bit for this election on the touchstone - IMPORTANT - issues with the upcoming election getting closer. The leviathan no one (that I have noticed) is willing to seriously attack and remedy is the REAL issue which is the national debt. This has a HUGE impact on the confidence inside and of America - and this confidence is the fuel that drives our economy nationally and globally. What is going on is possible consumers and investors staring at the dilapidated machine with missing parts and huge holes, cracks, and breaks and they are betting against the economy in our nation by not investing or buying but saving their cash (which is a good thing) but also diverting investing dollars into other things like foreign currencies (betting the dollar will completely crash) and so on.
So .... yep I have noticed....
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