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In what appears to me to finally be action by our government in response to news such as mentioned here:

Which was reference to European alerts about Al-Q chatter the US government apparently has finally decided to cover their butts and announce travel alerts to Americans travelling abroad.

This is not something O or Congress wants to acknowledge because it proves that Al-Q is still active (yep OBL is still alive and well) and the need of resources to protect Americans is real. If something happened before the election in November and our government did not issue a travel alert it would have likely resulted in even more heads rolling in November. It is a shame that the rational for the decision is wrapped in three words "before the election" not "Americans at risk". And I am fully confident I am correct in my analysis of the matter. Our government - our pathetic Congress, President, cabinet members and so on - only act on the base of "the next election". Think I am just more irate with O. Nope look at our last President and etc. - brash, real matters are addressed in the first and third year of the administration if they are succcessful to do so. Why? Elections in year 2 and 4 of the administration.
We have a pathetic, irresponsible mutation of what our government is supposed to be and again - we need a revolution - to fix the systemic mechanics of our government. Anything less than a revolution is simply painting the wall of the freaking mess. We need to dig in to the wall and remove the mold and termites.
Tags: 2 cents, government, terrorism
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