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Just about an hour ago I was again thinking about the whole forecasted tipping point roughly around November 8th of this year. Gee - that is exactly one month from today. Supposedly the national and global stress levels (so to speak) have been steadily building. Of course on national and global levels different "things" are catalysts to the "vibe". I have been trying to identify what - if anything - is going on at the different stages that may shed light on the accuracy of the forecast.
I guess because of school I have been pretty disconnected from the stream of news, opinions, etc. Which explains why all I can figure is the "economy stupid" and "dollar devaluing". I looked at Drudge Report a couple minutes ago and came across this story with the headline of Fight for Congress could last past Election Day  Queue light bulb turning on. Ah remember the national tension during the Gore-Bush post-election days? Imagine several of those scenarios occurring at the same time across the nation especially where Tea Party voters are involved. Wouldn’t that be a weee-bit stressful? Still though considering the freaking drama Peoplenomics have swirled around this date I would definitely expect something more earth shattering than that. So my opinion of the whole November tipping point scenario is just about down the toilet bowl. Of course things can quickly appear out of nowhere and escalate so….my opinion is circling the drain not down it yet.

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