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interesting reading

Very interesting reading taken from Woodward's newest book "Obama's Wars".
I am hoping the library gets me a copy before our flight on Friday because I could devour the book over the short period of time. I have read other books by Woodward (the three released during Bush's presidency) and they are easy reading filled with background info on stories that don't get reported. At the website is the link to 3 stories as ran in the Washington Post. I read the first two today during lunch and boy did time by too fast.

So far I get the picture of O as the typical so-called professor/scholar who spends their time in theory and never really put it to work and then one day - tada - a real job and now the so-called high thinking which is usually based on incorrect assumptions, liberalism, socialism  lands the guy a deflated nation right in his lap and he is stuck. Socialism does NOT work (see Cuba, Russia for a couple examples). Castro recently shared in an interview that it does not work and that his country is in a bad way.

The war O said was more important than Iraq all of a sudden is the one he wants us to get out of and doesn't want to lose the Democratic party over. Again showing the real problem with most politicians - they don't think of actual solutions to problems and them put them to work ---- they focus on the votes and backing of the party for their next election instead. Meanwhile people are dying, deficits get deeper, economy whimpers, and they are busy making deals for future votes NOT FIXING THE PROBLEMS.

Again, we NEED a revolution.
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