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Doodling in my mind

I decided today that I have been far too serious about what gets my attention and time in the recent past. I don’t know how that started but start – it did. Most of you probably don’t realize I have a fantastic sense of humor. Whenever I feel free to banter with a very selected group of people I usually have them laughing. It is difficult to display my sense of humor in text or on LJ but try – I MUST! Because – I have been far too serious.

Today at lunch (in about 30 minutes) I begin reading Stevenson’s story “Olalla” which is a “tale of vampirism and tainted family blood”. That reminds me of some people I know….

In reading a paper on “Feeling the Future” I came across a quote from Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” that I found quite interesting: Alice protest to the White Queen that “one can’t believe in impossible things.” That statement – like a matter of fact – for some reason really struck a chord in me. Really – is that actually true? What do you think?

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