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Last-minute foreign tipoff thwarted cargo plane plot

2 cents: Anyone else getting unnerved by the failures of our country's inability to identify and stop a terrorist attack in our country? The December airplane attempt made it but the device failed, the SUV at Times Square made it but the device failed, the two bombs shipped to Chicago via cargo flights out of Dubai of all freaking places made it but a last minute anonymous Saudi tip off identifed the packages being sent. One would think EVERY package coming out of Dubai (homeland of the Al Qaeda in Yemen (AQAP)) would be getting x-rayed if not searched. Right?

Coincidence? "He said two Chicago synagogues were targeted, but did not specify to which of the 140 Jewish places of worship in the Chicago area the packages were addressed.
The city is the president's political base. His outgoing chief of staff mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel and his wife attend Anshe Shalom."
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