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two paths

I know some of you wonderful LJFs are interested in government, economy, and what is a dirty word - politics. This commentary is from a German - yep same website as other four posts - and is pretty good. Takes about 3 minutes to read and speaks of the O gap - O and a large part if not a majority of the US. (If you click the link it will open a new window and then try to print - just select cancel when the printer window opens. I gave this link so you could read it without having to click through web pages)

Thing is as far as what the author writes while I agree with what he is saying I think there is more to it than what he diagnoses. Despite what the MSM and TPTB cram on the television, commercials, movies, and so on I think that what is going on is spiritual in nature. I am not going to go down the route of some - but I do think for whatever reason what is occurring right now in 2010 may very well be a little window of grace giving citizens of the US one last shot of understanding what they are choosing when they choose. Bible says that the rulers are in God's hand and even we get the rulers that He gives us according to our ways. Hence what I think is going on. God has given the US O as a "are you sure?" character before we approach the big descent and ruin of our nation. This window 2010-Nov 2012 is a fork in the road for our nation. In the past one way was a little bumpier than the other but this time - due to our history of amoral and immoral decisions and practices we are at a fork where the wrong turn is something I honestly believe - an no I am not being dramatical - I honestly in my heart believe with absolute certainty - the wrong turn takes us down with absolutely NO HOPE of redeeming the time or choice.
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