icubud (icubud) wrote,

Obama piles more military pressure on Iran - conspicuously

I believe what the article is referring to is not something in particular reference to the nuclear arms in Iran. I believe it has to do with what is occurring in Lebanon and what is supposed to happen this week. A key decision by the government in reference to what is known as the false witness strategy that Hezbollah is trying to force the government to issue a decision on in hopes of stalling the something like 39 indictments against Hezbollah and partners in the assassination of the country's leader a few years ago. If Hezbollah does not get the answer they want to hear they have voiced (with full support of Syria and Iran) to leave the fragile government and take matters into their own hands.

I spent lunch today with a good friend who is from Lebanon (born and raised) and was just there about five months ago. He is greatly concerned about the matter because the bloodshed and destruction Hezbollah would do turning their arms against the Lebanese people.
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