icubud (icubud) wrote,

Israelification of our airports

A couple days ago wifey said to me in reference to airport security in the US why aren't our airports more like those in Israel? Good question and observation --- quick answer - because here in the US because of the liberal political machine and philosophy we state that using reason, observation and historical perspective is a crime called profiling. She said - your right.

Lo and behold the following December 2009 article that I came across in something I was reading a few moments ago. Take the two minutes to read it because it should make you sick to your stomach with what the liberal ideology has allowed to occur here in our country.

How arrogant and ignorant our governmental structure is. To look at someone who appears to match the physical description of 9 out of 10 terrorists and take a closer look at them for security of society is a civil liberties violation! Dehumanizing! Atrocity!
But touching genitals, breasts, inside thighs, removing prosthetic breast, and so on of people who look nothing like 9 out of 10 terrorist is not. All occurring because the tools of discernment and wisdom must be thrown out the door so the liberal ideaology and philosophy are the wheels of society.

I believe each individual citizen in the US is complicit if another terrorist attack succeeds via the airline industry because we have allowed the foundation for the security to be based on flaws, errors in judgment and stupidity. WE HAVE ALLOWED IT.

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