icubud (icubud) wrote,

Writer's Block: It's the thought that counts

Do you find holiday gift-giving more pleasurable or onerous?

It depends on the people involved. Some gifts I give bring me joy and peace because of the non-expectation of the receiver. Others whether it be due to relationship with me or circumstances in their lives result in the whole experience being stressful, often sad and wasteful. Sometimes the best gift I could give the person though they would not admit it or ask for it is something like paying a % of an utility bill, rent, or expense in their life that is hard to scrummage together. But such an action - in my perception - is darkening the moment of the holiday with the realities of their grim stressful existence. Does that make sense? I'd much rather fill up their gas tank for $30 bucks then give a gift card for them to get something they don't really need. I have tried the gift card approach from retailers where they could get what they need like groceries so they could use their money on other bills but again the whole gift giving experience seems darkened by the reality of life instead of the joy of giving and receiving gifts.
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