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Happiness, equality and opportunities

I came across an article in today's IHT of the NYT titled In Search of Equilibrium and find its message syncs to my belief and post of yesterday about the reality of human beings not being created equal and how great it would be for productive movements/groups to provide opportunities for others to shine who were not born under the powerful names etc. This all wraps up nicely under the subject of happiness which material goods can not daily fill the hole and need for. 
The full article is here but here are a few snippets from it you may find interesting:

Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley asked the decisive economic question of our time: “As all our people rise above the threats of basic survival, what will our collective endeavor be as a progressive society?”
He proposed an answer. Let us, he said, make “the conscious pursuit of happiness” a new pillar of global cooperation, the “ninth Millennium Development Goal.”

The problem, as Prime Minister Thinley incisively explained, is not really a shortage of material goods, even in a year of economic recession. The world is richer than ever before in history; that is certainly the case in the richest countries, even those in a cyclical downturn. Happiness, according to Bhutan’s great tradition of Himalayan Buddhism, comes not from the raw pursuit of income but, in Thinley’s words, from a “a judicious equilibrium between gains in material comfort and growth of the mind and spirit in a just and sustainable environment.”
The sense of imbalance is nowhere greater than in the United States. ...Goods are plentiful but happiness is in very short supply.

It’s time to rebuild mind and spirit. The key is to think much more clearly about wants and needs, and thereby to rebalance our personal and political energies.

There is certainly no technical barrier to ensuring that every child, poor as well as rich, has a pathway to decent health, quality education and full participation in the economy.

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