icubud (icubud) wrote,

Watch out for ANTS!

Another example of so-called scientific research catching up to the words in the Bible. In this case the power of the mind to affect one's wellbeing. The full article is here but here are a few snippets. Good information to know and use to improve one's wellbeing.

Psychologists now believe that just as feeling embarrassed can cause a physical ­reaction (blushing) so self-destructive thoughts can lead to ill-health, weight-gain, poor skin and misery.

His studies have revealed that by ­flipping negative thoughts to positive, we can ­transform our lives for the better.

In his new book Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, Dr Amen identifies the infuriatingly common scourge: the ANT (Automatic Negative Thought), which he describes as ‘the ­little voices that pop into your head and tell you you’re not good enough, not thin enough, a rubbish daughter, mother, worker’.
A few ANTS, he says, can be managed.

Tags: mind, wellbeing
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