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Burn them all!

I figure using the liberals/media call for action – banning talk radio and demonizing conservative personalities (mind you that neither of the parties they are focusing on are in fact guilty or complicit) – we should instead ban Nietzsche and his written and verbal supporters. It has been a point in the developing profile of the gunman that he seemed to break from reality while reading Nietzsche (Nietzsche went insane as well). So we should burn all of his books, push legislation to have any electronic format of his books deleted and consider him, his supporters and followers anathema. Gee then next we could do the same with the Koran since Muslim terrorists are considered extreme disciples of it and then – well – we can just embrace the fictionalized world of Fahrenheit 451 and have a world without books and printed word sources that are fictional, religious, psychological, and philosophical and so on. (I submitted this to the Cincinnati Enquirer this morning)

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