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Our government is lying to us

Lots of headlines and stories about all kinds of things of interest to me.
We have the revealing story that yes indeed Israel and the US created Stuxnet.
Just in time for that revelation to hit the mass media to stoke Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran and Syria for yet another reason to attack Israel.
That China has been flexing its muscles by revealing their stealth fighter and fired the missile about a month ago outside off the California coast from one of their submarines (using their underwater stealth technology) (remember we were told it was an airplane contrail).
China now stepping up the pressure and volume that the dollar needs to be replaced because it is a product of the past (not to mention what we all know - it is backed by air.)
The euro demise is gaining ground and the concern of the size of the sink hole it will create in the EU and if indeed an EU would survive such a move.

I figure 2011 will be a year in which:
the mantel as the most powerful nation on the earth continues moving from the USA to China.
the euro will fracture but won't go away in its entirety - yet.

Back to the whole China missile event and cover up. This is the same type of action our government has used about the fact of extraterrestrial craft being sighted by our citizens. "It was a vapor, ball of fire, contrail, another plane, lie, etc" They used their MO and it is generally working again in our nation. Why? Because every citizen should be asking how in the heck did they get so close to our country in a nuclear submarine without getting our military's attention? The main purpose of the government is to protect the border and its citizens and they miserably failed. They failed with China and they sure as heck fail from whatever is been appearing in our country with some normalcy that past 70 years. That should cause us alarm but our country is thoroughly duped by mass media and the fact that our government has long ago left the purpose of our Constitution. Our government is lying to us and not just about China, ETcraft, but also our economy, defense, infrastructure and so on.
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