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I was at the Mason offices on Friday and scheduled lunch with my dearest friend at work, Michel. I have wrote about him before, he is the gentleman born and raised in Lebanon. We caught up and then I asked him about his homeland. He was just there a year ago and his mom, cousins, etc still live there. Of course I wanted to know how his family was doing and what he thought was going to be happening there. After a thirty minute discussion we both agreed that it is definitely a mess, in fact he said that the only way he can see Lebanon "healing" is that the USA had greatly improved relations with Iran and Syria. Greatly meaning miraculous level of cooperation and agreement.

He said that one good thing has happened there in that the other half of the population (not pro-Hezbollah) are awakened to the reality that Hezbollah is there to strong arm the Lebanese so they do not need there cooperation. Of course the great fact that the vast munitions Hezbollah has and the size and type of its army would grind the official Lebanese army to dust is scary and restricts the people from being stronger about resisting them. But he said we would start reading about Lebanese protests pushing back against the Hezbollah and corruption.

This morning in the news: BEIRUT - Hundreds of Lebanese protested in the capital Beirut on Sunday against the country's sectarian political system.
full article here

2 cents: we need these type of protests against our government

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