icubud (icubud) wrote,

his spots will not change

The consistency of O, the empty suit, is something that I do not understand why conservative talking heads have a problem understanding. You can not seriously or sanely expect a socialist to engage in behavior of an American. Expecting a socialist to behave as such is an example of the definition of insanity. Remember he is not a proud American. He bows to other leaders and has issued official apologies on behalf of you &I - America. So his policy of inaction in Iran, Egypt and now Libya when citizens of the countries were revolting and protesting against their national governments is exactly what one should expect. See at the center of this socialist is pride, arrogance and belligerence and that is at the heart of why he won't change. We must change not him. He is absolutely right. The principles of the USA are not. We should not expect to see a blood pounding heart for the American values of freedom, liberty & capitalism. And we definitely won't see them from him.
Tags: 2 cents, ces
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