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Words and that is all

Like I wrote earlier today

From the WSJ:

The United States has formulated a new strategy in response to the recent anti-government protests that have broken out through the Arab world since the start of 2011, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday. After weeks of internal discussions, the US decided to put its support behind longtime allies who may be willing to initiate political reform, even if that means citizens' demand for full democracy are delayed.

Despite the fact that US officials are still calling for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's immediate removal from power, White House officials have formed the "Bahrain model." The proposed system endorses the ruling power to stay in control but works with the local population to create democratic reforms that suit demands of the protesters.

2 cents: Talk, words and no action, the O model. He can now have speeches crafted to be eloquent and beam to him on his teleprompters but positive democratic action will not be taken. Words are his tool and weapon of choice because with words you turn a democratic republic to a socialist nation. You change the government by policies and legislation. You wear out the citizens with words.

See the evil beauty is that words do nothing now for the citizens in nations wanting to democracy BUT words do everything here to rid a nation of the same democracy.

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