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The empty suit

Remember I have written many times how O is not a president of the USA and by that I mean I am referring to his not having and/or embracing the principles that have made the USA the country it is. He is a socialist. He considers himself a scholar (he really isn't but thinks he is), he is a wordsmith but they are usually not his own words and yes he harbors some very wrong spiritual and emotional thinking (Republicans you get on the back of the bus...for example)

If you spend 10 minutes reading the stories below you will see that European leaders are confused by his inability to behave as an American. He has put a leash on Hillary and told her to "sit" and then put a muzzle on her. Some people in the USA are wondering what the heck is going on.

But here is the real problem: most of America has not noticed. What does this translate into? Votes in the next election. The man is literally treading water just to get to this summer when the presidential election machinery is officially turned on. This empty suit has big plans for his second term. Big socialistic agenda items that he has kept bottled up for the Act part 2. If you and I have one ounce of common sense that should scare the heck out of us.

European government completely puzzled
The present president
Spectator in chief
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