icubud (icubud) wrote,

weekend the half way point

Productive day so far.
2 papers completed and submitted plus discussion posts made.
Went for a very late lunch at VanZandts in Northside. Read about it when I was at the doctor on Thursday. It was rated best burger in Cincinnati. I had a burger and requested it on their homemade pretzel roll - fantastic sandwich. Now we are at a place we used to go to about every other week ten plus years ago called College Hill Coffee House. Nice :O) Free quick connection to wi-fi and plenty of comfortable chairs.

So productivity and a little change in the weekend norm but all good. That is so rare! Usually if I try something new I regret it. The Cincinnati magazine I browsed at the doctors was focusing on burgers and coffeehouses. So I have the location of coffeehouses unheard of before and I will have us try them out.

Tomorrow restarts the school week crud and I will NOT blow it off. So there goes an easy three hours. Church and lunch and that pretty much takes care of the daylight hours. We are still suppose to get snow this evening as temps go down to 27. Heck its only 40 right now. Grrr...

That is it for today, I'm gonna do some QT reading :O)
Tags: routine
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