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a sunny blustery day

Now I am at the Barnes & Noble in Mason and I wrapped up doing what I am going to do for the day in regards to school work. Friday I registered for my last class :O) so I am really starting to get excited.

We learned today that not all grocers stock red velvet cake mix. Whodathunk? We are going to try one more store on the way home tonight, so far we are 0-2.

Last night we watched the movie Red (C) and A-Team (B). I was quite surprised that the A-Team movie was as good as it was. Carol had wanted to see it but I was dragging my feet. If any of you saw it at the theater, did you stay for the end of the credits? If you did you would have seen two short scenes that included the original Face/Peck and the crazy pilot. They were good nods to the original crew. I was surprised that Mr. T did not have a scene.

We didn’t get the snow last night (thank you God) but the temp is still a high of 41. We are around 15 degrees below are norm. Global warming don’t ya know…Someone has messed with something up there (HAARP).

Time for a game of Freecell and then onward ho!

Hope everyone is enjoying a pleasant Sunday



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