icubud (icubud) wrote,

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I've been waiting for something like this to happen. Now that it is out in the open I guess we wait and see if they were effective and if so, to what extent.
I find it interesting (I have my smartass hat on right now) that the announcement and instructions was not given on a Christian, atheist, secularist, Jewish, Tao, Hindu, Buddha.... website. It came from Muslim extremist - why would the USA want to build profiles that specifically focused on Muslims? Is it because they are prejudiced against Muslims? Why, oh why....

Congressman King heading that inquiry into Muslim extremism and the USA. Well he must be anti-Muslim. Sure, just ask the ACLU and other liberals - King is a fascist. Sure, he's got no business holding a special hearing trying to investigate Muslim extremism and its tentacles in our country. He's white you know, they are all like that.

(took hat off)

We have allowed that crap in our government and laws till we now have a nation so warped and crooked that it is hard to believe it can ever get right again. We have a freaking mess for a government led by a socialist. Tell me we haven't got a mixed up country.
Tags: 2 cents, terrorism
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