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Sad commentary

I have wrote this a few times before, our country gets the type of president it deserves with each election. By this I mean the individual's morality, spirituality, ethics, values and principles. And I believe it is a very sad commentary on the degeneration of the population of the USA. Here is a screen shot of a poll at 8:50A today that I am going to try and keep an eye on over the next 24 hours:

While I am sure their is some skewing since it is a poll posted on CNN I think it is fair representation of how polarized our nation has become. And I will "say" the polarization is a direct result of the Dem and Rep parties machinization and the MSM ideology that has fed this divide. In so-called conspiracy theory this is proof of success that actually one powerful group pulls the strings behind the scenes of the parties because in many ways they forward the globalism and militarization agenda. See with Dems you have the push for socialism and erosion of the middle class while with Reps you have the militarization of the nation and erosion of individual freedom. With both you have the embracing of debt, globalism, erosion of state's rights, greater power and difference between the have and have nots and by that I am referring to the insulation of Congress members goal of keeping their job so that it is a 20-40 year career thereby keeping power in a certain group of hands tied to and with lobbyists and the main very small group of power that actually is in charge of the whole dynamic we call our government.
The election is going to be a battle over those who believe he is doing a fair job.
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