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CNN Quick vote

Which party deserves more blame for the U.S. debt-ceiling standoff?
total votes 35984
Republicans 19677 55%
No difference 9890 27%
Democrats 6417 18%

Poll screenshot 7-30-11 9 a.m. (inserting images is not working)
So what do you think? Are the Republicans the ones who deserve more blame for the debt-ceiling standoff?
The technical answer is Republicans are the ones who came up with cuts as requirement for raising the always increasing debt by there creating a matter where a standoff has occurred. HOWEVER why should they get the bulk of blame for trying to drive fiscal accountability, responsibility and improvements? That is being blamed for being right - which is not the right word to use IMO. Blame implies/means "finding fault with" and that is the wrong verb to use. Now putting on my conspiracy hat - it fits because the powers that be (TPTB) always what to isolate, demonize and remove those who disturb the mob, cause problems with their PLANS/SCHEMES as well as being for being dispersers of morality and ethics. The question is a stacked deck to make individuals think differently about standing up against TPTB for a good cause.

Blame - finding fault with is something I believe is accurately laid on O (the chief empty suit) and the Senate who insist on increasing taxes, little if no budget cuts and no fiscally and ethically restructuring of the big entitlement programs.
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