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Writer's Block: What would ____ do?

If you have the opportunity to be someone else for one week then who would you be? Tell us why and what you would do.

Though it makes my skin crawl, for the better future of the USA I would become Obama.
My actions would immediately be and in order:
1. Write executive order which would in essence delete Obamacare.
2. Write executive order which would require the immediate audit and closure of the Federal Bank. As well as the immediate change of the US dollar to that backed by copper, gold and silver and made available and managed by the actual federal government. The worth of the current US dollar would be equal to the new current dollar.
3. Address the nation explaining the need of those EOs and asking the people to push Congress to do the following:
a. balance the budget with the understanding that the IRS be reformed immediately and a new national sales tax without any exemptions for any reasons of 10% on all purchases which will also supercede and remove all federal taxes on items of purchase such as gasoline. No payroll taxes!
b. the need for federal government to no longer fund other countries that are not fully aligned to the USA and our friends - such as all Islamic/Muslim nations, many Asian and African nations and countries in Central and South America.
c. the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan and Pakistan.
d. legalization and federal and state taxation of all marijuana purchases and consumption
e. equal taxation of all alcoholic beverages so that they are taxed equally as tobacco products. If this means reduction in tobacco taxes, that is fine. No I am not a smoker but the current legislation is discrimination against smokers. Any federal laws restricting smoking are to be ended, it is a city and state issue.
f. illegal immigration reform such that current illegal immigrants are granted amnesty as long as they register with the government, are employed full time, have no criminal record and are licensed drivers or have state identification ---  all others exported. It is legal and expected the law enforcement officials inquire of individuals proof of citizenship when being interacted with because of criminal activity which includes driving violations
g. end of Medicare as we know it, current subscribers are grandfathered in but all future subscribers have new -yet to be determined schedule of services with higher co-pays and service fees/taxes. This system needs immediate ethical reformation.
h. The necessity of lifetime term limits for members of Congress to serve of 12 years
i. Our nation's defense and security is the paramount responsibility of the federal government and with that understanding an amendment to the Constitution that stipulates that defense/military spending is to never be less than 20% of the federal budget.
4. On my last day of being O, I would resign immediately as President of the USA.
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