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U.S. Consumer Confidence Drops to Three-Decade Low

Not since Jimmy Carter was President....

"Confidence among U.S. consumers plunged in August to the lowest level since May 1980, adding to concern that weak employment gains and volatility in the stock market will prompt households to retrench.

The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan preliminary index of consumer sentiment slumped to 54.9 from 63.7 the prior month. The gauge was projected to decline to 62, according to the median forecast in a Bloomberg News survey."

Bloomberg article here and Globe and Mail article here

2 cents:
I watch for the monthly report each month and the report is probably the best gauge as to exactly how Americans are feeling and thinking MINUS all the MSM spin.  

Combining my other post about a false flag event to happen within the next sixteen months it could be something to rid the bad taste of O and the Democrats such as an event that was made possible due to liberal ideology. This would significantly push the pendulum to the right and insure a sweep out of Dems in Congress. Sad to say/write if the pendulum does swing far right to the Republicans, expect totalitarian/fascist legislation, EOs and actions. If the Reichstag is something that fuels an O re-election that means brace for taxes and more taxes and socialism saturating our society.

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