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tallblue  brought this doctor and his effective cancer treatment to my attention in a 7/29/11 post.
His name is Dr. Burzynski and it is the use of antineoplastons.
The movie is available for free at You Tube here.

Do you and your loved ones a favor and record his name in the event of future cancer diagnosis.
Absolutely unbelievable results. Over 30 years of shenanigans by the government and National Cancer Institute.
This is a story - a sad pathetic angering story of MONEY and economical infrastructure of the cancer billion dollar industry.
The fact that our government allows cancer patients to endure life threatening highly ineffective treatment as the sole means of sanctioned actions to save the person's life is unethical, immoral and a travesty.

Please share this information with your friends and family.

Record his name.
About the movie
Burzynski Research Institute

EDIT > The movie is about 1:50:00 long. PLEASE At least fast fwd to 1:40:54 and watch to the conclusion.
Tags: conspiracy
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