icubud (icubud) wrote,

The world needs guts....

Put your conspiracy theory hat on.
After all, a conspiracy is just a secret agenda/plan to bring something about.

The fact that Turkey is having a fit and now sending navy with a flotilla to Gaza  PLUS the escalation and attack of the embassy in Cairo which left the ambassador and staff fleeing back to Israel and closing the doors...

All occurring within 2 weeks of the Palestinians going to the UN wanting to be recognized as a nation --- with the agenda of following Chief Empty Suit O's plan for peace in the middle east....

All looks to me like shaking the cup (Israel) to make things get as bad as it can short of a war or direct attack (this of course not including bombing and firing on Israelis).

Looks to me like the Muslim Brotherhood has a plan to leverage circumstances in favor of the Palestinians inside the UN next week.

Could it be that a level up from them - TPTB - deliberately destabilized Israel in the middle east by removing its 2 key allies -- Turkey & Egypt? Could it be that on a level waaaaaaaaay up, someone has a scheme to crush Israel?

Israel Reels Over Rifts With Middle East Allies

Tags: 2 cents, conspiracy, middle east
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