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WOW! I did not see this coming. I found this on Debka, not on Fox, Drudge or CNN.
IF this is true it will be interesting to see the reaction of the Palestinians and Arabs around the world.

"The tempest which Israel had tensely anticipated for September in the
wake of a Palestinian bid for unilateral UN recognition of their state
looks like fizzling out before it begins as a result of a massive US
campaign to avert it, backed by Saudi Arabia, Europe and Egypt.

Early Wednesday, Sept. 14, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas
decided crucially not to submit his application to the UN Security
Council.  He also notified Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal and
European Union foreign executive Catherine Ashton in Cairo that he was
considering watering down his application to the UN General Assembly –
possibly by dropping the "state within 1967 borders" provision from the

Abbas said he would make his final decision known in a public address
from Ramallah Friday, Sept 16 before flying to New York to join world
leaders at the UN General Assembly's 66th session which began Tuesday.

But first, he meets Middle East Quartet envoy Tony Blair in Amman for a conversation which debkafile's exclusive sources term critical, because Blair will hand him a document termed by senior Washington sources "an outline" of a new format designed to oil Palestinian wheels into unlocking the long-stalled Palestinian dialogue with Israel.

This outline has been endorsed by Washington, the EU and UN Secretary
General Ban Ki-moon. It is now subject to acceptance by Israel and the
Palestinians. Moscow has not yet indicated whether it approves the
document or wants changes.

full story here
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