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My W2MN review

Best Song: I Gotta Get Outta Here (close second: The Congregation)
Worst Song: I Am Made of You (unfortunately the first track!)
Overall rating/grade: C
Best moment on CD: The last minute of I Gotta Get Outta Here (CLASSIC ALICE)
Bonuses on CD: Save Me (I Know How This Ends) and Poison (Live version)
The good:
  • The musical correlations to the classic WTMN.
  • Save Me (I Know How This Ends) – glad it was included as a bonus so we could hear something very good from the same mindset.
  • He actually sings some of the songs which is nice to hear, it has been a long while.
  • Having living members of the old band perform some of the tunes and collaborate on some of the writing
The bad:
    Over-synthesized/processed vocals and background music. Very cheap, amateur sound when these techniques are used. The opening track needs to be a straight up rock sound not a CHER “Do You Believe in Love?” mess.
  • Lack of classic AC humor dispersed throughout the project
  • Save Me (I Know How This Ends) needed to be a song on the actual project. Easily a stronger song than most of the songs actually picked for the project.
    I “get” Alice. From the very first time I heard him (8 track of WTMN New Year’s Eve 1978) – I completely understood what he was about. Through the years, when he battled alcohol abuse and produced what he believes some of his worst material – the man didn’t realize he created some of his strongest material ever (Dada!!! Zipper Catches Skin immediately comes to mind). So I was ready, salivating actually, for W2MN and as much as I wanted to be blown away – the gun popped a “bang” flag instead.
      I hope some of the material makes into the new show and that the material is given better treatment than the finished CD/project.  “I Am Made of You” if given the real classic vocals and treatment would be a great song – radio worthy even (Turn those dang synthesizers (or whatever they are called) off!). I can see Caffeine, Runaway Train, I’ll Bite Your Face Off, Save Me and The Congregation being great live tunes (I Gotta Get Out of Here could be too).
      So what is your review?
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