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Thinking of Alice...

I looked back at a post from late May 2008 in which I tried to rank all his projects in my order of preference. I was trying to figure out where the W2MN fits in the list (the list doesn't include live, greatest hits type, novelty releases). I had to make some adjustments to the 25 to get it right - at least as of "today". Then I decided to pick my favorite and least favorite song from each CD. After about six (the bottom six) I got exasperated from the number of least, least favorite songs (too many to choose from) so I narrowed it down to just a favorite song from each. That was pretty easy until I got to the top 10 albums - especially the top 6. BDB or Elected? What a tough choice! And that isn't fair to Hello, Hooray, No More Mr. Nice Guy or Generation Lanslide. (sigh) But I stuck to it and selected - one. Honestly for my top 6 picks they are projects I enjoyed cover to cover. I mean - c'mon Dada to Pass the Gun Around. CLASSICS! Former Lee Warmer got the nod because of its truly creepy imagery.
So now where does W2MN fit in? It definitely will not break the top 10 and it escapes the bottom 5.

Share your favorites and ranking - get some good Coop discussion going :O)
RankAlbumFavorite Song
1Billion Dollar BabiesBillion Dollar Babies
2Brutal PlanetSanctuary
3Raise Your Fist and YellLock Me Up
4Welcome to My NightmareWelcome to My Nightmare
5From the InsideHow You Gonna See Me Now
6DadaFormer Lee Warmer
7Love it to DeathBallad of Dwight Frye
8Goes to HellWake Me Gently
9ConstrictorGive It Up
11School’s OutMy Stars
12Zipper Catches SkinAdaptable (Anything for You)
14Last TemptationSideshow
15Lace and WhiskeyMy God
16Special ForcesYou Look Good in Rags
17Flush the FashionPain
19Dirty DiamondsDirty Diamonds
20Hey StoopidWind Up Toy
21W2MNI Gotta Get Outta Here
22Eyes of ACMan of the Year
23Along Came a SpiderVengeance is Mine
24Muscle of LoveTeenage Lament 74
25Easy ActionMr. and Misdemeanor
26Pretties for YouTitanic Overture

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