icubud (icubud) wrote,

Grim Facts

It is my opinion that the MSM (main stream media) is doing what they
can to aid O to secure a second term. I am referring in this post to the
ridiculous swirl they keep churning over the Republican primary
contenders. First they stoked it up for Trump (fade away), then Palin
(she has not given in), then Perry (he’s in but now the focus of MSM
negative spin), and now Christie who many months ago said no but they
keep it up because:

1. They want him in because in reality he will be a weak candidate and
absentee in his state leadership. Erode the pool of the candidates so
Romney will be the pick.

2. Add unsatisfactory feelings toward those in the primaries which is
being spinned to make Romney the man of the Rep ticket WHICH is a pretty
safe bet that O will then when the next presidential election.

What liberals and MSM do not want is someone with fire in their veins
(see Perry, Bachman, Paul). These three will push for much needed
systemic change in the government which may translate into undoing some
if not much of the liberal, socialist agenda that has choked our nation.
Think that is harsh? Look across the pond and what do you see (in the
EU)? Look further in land into Russia and do you see leaders or
contenders for power that are “of the people, by the people”? The Perry,
Bachman and Paul variables are just that. I am not sure of which one I
would vote for but I do know that I am not for Romney.

And despite the attempts of the MSM, socialists and liberals in our
country – our nation still contains flesh and blood voters that have
religious/spiritual Judeo-Christian beliefs WHICH an O would win over a
Romney ultimately because on this fundamental foundational issue: it
gets down to a Christian vs. Mormon. Mormonism is a cult and if it helps
you can say a Christian-like cult. Much of what they believe does not
hold up to a Judeo-Christian questioning which is what O’s radical
religion can do. Wright and whomever he has been seeing since do
conveniently fall under the moniker. Again – its about votes. Though O
is supposed to be about diversity and change wait and see what the MSM
churns out if and when the Republican ticket is Romney.

It is a brilliant plan.

Tags: 2 cents, politics
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