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looking ahead

The recent Debka article states that Israel is on a footing to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear capabilities sometime between now and mid-January of next year. I am in the process of trying to find out why this particular period of time. What I have been thinking about is “what then?” I am not a so-called expert or specialist but I do keep up and I think more importantly – I believe the Bible.
Such an attack would not be the start of the so-called apocalypse or Armageddon.  That is for sure. What is not for certain is the reaction by the likes of Russia, Syria and Gaza. According to the Bible there are three events that are next to occur, the order they happen is not for certain (at least by me). One is an attack on Israel by Russia which results in devastating loss to Russia. Second is the creation and implementation of a globally recognized peace treaty with Israel and _______.  Many believe the treaty is with the Arab world/League of Arabs. What is known is that the signing of that treaty officially begins the clock of the seven year tribulation. A horrible time unlike anything our world has ever known. 
These are two of the next three Bible events that the world will experience. The third is the massive global disappearance of millions of people. What is certain is that the third event must take place before the second event and while the ultimate order of these three is uncertain; I do believe at least two of these will be within my lifetime.
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