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Looking around this morning

Pentagon submitted request for improvements to be made to the Bunker Buster bombs over concern that well fortified strongholds would not be effectively destroyed. Gee O heck of a thing to have and now decide it wouldn't be adequate. I think this is "out" as a signal to Israel that we are seriously gearing up for military action on Iraq......once we have munitions - allowing more time to pass.

An articulate explanation why Gingrich is bad news.

Iran - Fighting sanctions with sanctions in a test of strength with the West over its nuclear ambitions, Iran warned on Friday it may halt oil exports to Europe next week in a move calculated to hurt ailing European economies. The Tehran government grappling with its own economic crisis under Western trade and banking embargoes, will host a rare visit on Sunday by U.N. nuclear inspectors for talks that the ruling clergy may hope can relieve diplomatic pressure as they struggle to bolster public support.

Russia continues to be an ally to Syria's Assad which I wonder if part of the reasoning is Putin's desire to stem the swing of political uprising from flowing into Russia. If Russian citizens who are truly unhappy with the Putin games see that Assad too falls I think it will encourage the angry in Russia.

This week we had the first death of a Sweathog :0( Epstein will always be remembered...
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