icubud (icubud) wrote,

Trading Threats

Feb 3 editorial in the NYT

2 cents: I think it is much easier for people in US to sit in a position of being many thousands of miles away and base opinion on best case scenarios. Best case scenarios built with flawed interpretation of the value of words in an Islamic nation.

Israel successfully dealt with this same nuclear equation/issue in Iraq and Syria with the end result being very little loss of life and an end to those country's nuclear aspirations. With Iran the US entwined themselves in the matter and I can't help think that has made this the issue it now is. Probably logistics involved require cooperation from some other governments. I will try to email some of the reporters that are staying with the story and see if they can explain with more certainty based on facts why the difference. I find it hard to believe that the bottomline is oil.

I emailed Mr. Ignatius of the Washington Post & Mr. Sanger of the New York Times.
Tags: 2 cents, iran, middle east
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