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Much in the news

From a Debka article this morning, once the IAEA arrived and requested to interview the head of the nuclear program in Iran and view the site in Parchin the Iranian government refused both requests and sent them home. [Parchin is the site where they test triggers and explosives.] This of course derails the so called transparency that the rest of the world is asking for and shows that the sanctions have not actually led to any changes in Iran's policy. Also unnerving was the transfer of 20 percent uranium enrichment to the underground Fordo site near Qom has shortened Iran’s race for the 90 percent (weapons) grade product to six weeks.

Two articles one in the NYT and LA Times focus on the real danger of all the saber-rattling and what this ultimately will lead to.

Jerusalem Post headline - front page story is that Khamenei said that Iranid on Wednesday that Tehran's nuclear course would not change regardless of international sanctions, assassinations or other pressures.

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