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Unfriending and life

A wonderful LJF made a post yesterday commenting about their need to reassess their LJ's purpose. I think about that quite a bit. I too have noticed some LJFs rarely comment though they are active on their LJ. I figure either they are not reading mine, are reading but having nothing to "say" or they are avoiding "unfriending" for fear of drama. I've noticed over the past seven maybe eight years, development/growth of my LJFs in what they use to post about has changed over time. Heck I know mine has and I am not sure one can call it good or bad - it just is.

For myself my LJ is the only social - real - interaction I get with people outside of my family. My work dynamic for the past four years has been isolationary and unhealthy. I and we (wifey) have no friends to run around and do things with who actually will do anything with us. Sure we have the past peers who say "we need to get together" but unfortunately it doesn't happen. Plans always get canceled or emails not returned. Not complaining or whining just “being real”. It is not as pathetic as it “sounds”. All that to “say” this is my only outlet, means and hope for any interaction with people who have some similar interests to me. YET - being a social media site and having a brain I am not transparent about everything going in my life or how I might feel or what I am thinking about everything. But it’s the most honest I can be and that includes at home. Sad to say for me and probably a lot of us – life has not evolved/turned out to be what we had hoped.


If any of my LJFs want to unfriend me, I understand – no drama. Also if I unfriend anyone I’d appreciate no drama as well. Unfriending is not personal it is just change that happens in lives every day. Consider it the equivalent of moving to another state.

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