icubud (icubud) wrote,

YYZ playing inside my head

Well dang.
(Just felt like "saying" that.)

Carol is with Chester till 1 and I get quiet me time. I told her the plan for today is no plan. No expectations. None of the trappings. She will have a tough time making that a reality.

Our weather here is gorgeous. Windows open again. Birds singing. Nice. Supposed to be mid 70s as a high.

Did some reading yesterday and plan to do more of it today.

I decided to import my LJ to DW and then use DW as the posting journal and set it to cross-post to here. I will use LJ directly for keeping up with my LJFs. If I set it up right, your comments to my LJ will cross-post to my DW as well. I had set up a DW acct back in 2012 as a back up for my LJ but then I discovered the LJ Book site and was no longer concerned about using DW as a back up. Dawned on me yesterday after I posted that if I used this as I just described I would have real time back up of for each journal account so why not do that?

Now if I could figure out how to have a backup of my Tumblr accounts.

Monday I had a dental hygiene appt and yesterday I had my eye exam. Kinda feeling like a car getting maintenance. I think my increase in headaches is tied to my eyes straining. She said after examining that my Rx has changed significantly. So fingers crossed.

Guess that's it.

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