icubud (icubud) wrote,

You're not sure what's going on here; But you're sure it isn't right...

I wonder what it is about Sundays that I am usually:
  • very much out of whack
  • worse headaches
  • a feeling of detachment from my body
  • and often, brewing if not bubbling anger
I had noticed this probably 10 years ago. At the time I figured it was for some specific thing at the moment.

But now, after 500 Sundays under the belt, it is still that way. No change in diet. No difference in sleep/not-sleep issue/routine. No observable difference in any behavior changes from other days. 

Along with this, whatever "this" is; time on Sundays seems to go at twice the pace. It seems like 10 minutes ago it was 3:30. And when I noticed it was 3:30, I was expecting the clock to show 1. No other day does time move so freaking rapidly.

After a false start, this evening I start the taper. 
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Tags: life, routine
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