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"...I heard the thunder clappin', felt the desert burnin'..."


Ok, so here we are again. A weekend. 
Life is ___________.

Quite exasperating when you look at things and end up saying to yourself something to the effect of _____________.

Currently the thunder is rumbling but not near as loud as last night. We had a couple hours of continuous very loud bangs and rumbles and the room lighting brightly due to the lightning. Cool stuff. Supposed to wrap this morning before noon. It looks like the early darkness of 8 pm outside right now. 

I started taking a new probiotic on Monday called ActivatedYou. I will give a "full report" on it in another week.
Day 9 or 10 or something like that - in ref to tapering off the gabapentin. I am not sure if the headaches I am getting are because of that or poor sleep. I'm gonna keep at this level one more week and then try another 10% reduction.

We dropped off Chester after work yesterday to a RV mechanic in order to give it a thorough once over (for insurance) and then to give it an oil change, tune up and a pair of new brakes.

I so often feel that this is true:

All the world's indeed a stage
And we are merely players
Performers and portrayers
Each another's audience
Outside the gilded cage

Actually that verse runs through my head a few times everyday.

Also for some odd reason these words from "Sara" written by Stevie Nicks has been running in my head the past three days:

But now it's gone 
They say it doesn't matter anymore

I just about jumped out my skin. Shew!  HUGE thunder boom. 

New show recommendation on Netflix: The Scottish series: Shetland. If u enjoyed Inspector Wallender, I think u will really enjoy it. They have three seasons out there which equals 14 episodes.

POURING outside. Now looks like midnight. God, please don't allow us to lose power.

Sammi – Samantha, my youngest niece turned 16 on Monday. Unbelievable!! Family is coming over tomorrow (LW) to celebrate her birthday. God, please – allow it, actually make it – go smooth and fun.

 [Everything just flickered. AH!!!]

Question for each of u. Do u often catch yourself editing your LJ? Ja know, something like, “I can’t share that” or “they’ll think bad of me” or --- yada yada, u get it.

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