Proof of My Existence

(or at least I hope so)

Glory to God in the highest, THEN - peace on earth and goodwill to men (Luke 2:14).
So peace on earth and goodwill to the human race can not occur until their is first - Glory to God in the highest. This will never be accomplished nor desired by the UN or the USA governments.

I want to grow correctly in the grace, knowledge, wisdom and understanding of GOD.

I am ALWAYS interested in meeting new LJ users.

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7/6/19 "bio refreshing"

A married man with many voices in his mind...

My LJ is a place I create posts about either my personal life's routines/events, information and some memes or polls. Over the years my selection for content has changed. Life has changed. On the norm now my works in ref to current events, religion and creative writing are kept at my blog. I use Tumblr for creative inspiration. I also have a cute Tumblr page of my wife's daily cartoons she has written to me M-F for the past eighteen years. I only started sharing them in 2014 and not consistently till until 2017, So I have something like 14 years of back-log for content. See adventures of bear and bun link.

My creative writing and current events blog is located at http://icubud.com/
I have a Tumblr page at http://icubud.tumblr.com and don't forget to check my Likes.
Adventures of Bear and Bun at https://www.tumblr.com/blog/adventuresofbearandbun

I have a wide range of subject interests [see interests for some examples]. I enjoy music, movies and TV but decided not to fill my interests with performers/shows/etc. I REALLY enjoy my DVR, cable, Amazon Prime video and Netflix :O)

I enjoy reading and have a W I D E area of interests.

I am a COLLECTOR of wise words, beauty, photos, scraps, inspiration and happiness. I love boxes, leather goods, journals, pens, BOOKS, vests, bags and rings. i am an avid re-user/re-purposer of packaging and mailing materials - really anything -- and no I am not a hoarder.

I tend to view and treat objects in my life as living things. Yes, I know, a bit wonky and such but nevertheless I do. (Oh and Bert, my laptop forgives u)

I have a great love for bunnies and cubs.

Spiritually I consider myself a saved Bible believer but so as to hopefully avoid some of the stigma that is heavily steeped on anyone who does not designate a denomination, I must consider myself an independent saved Bible believing Baptist. I am a Christian. I have great concern for everyone's present, temporal state of things and the future, eternal state of things.

Politically I consider myself an independent, that unfortunately due to the limited choices, usually votes Republican. I am praying for legitimate third and fourth parties to gain traction in our society so that they will provide some better candidates. I am hoping for a bloodless American Spring. I believe one of the greatest detriments to our society here in the USA is the MSM (mainstream media), the judicial system and Congress.

Our country needs to make term limits for those who hold a seat in Congress. The individual can not serve more than 8 years in their lifetime in any capacity of Congress. Yes I voted for Trump.

I enjoy respectful correspondence/discussions. Since this is my LJ, I ask if I share my opinion/attitude/whatever on something - and you disagree - don't get all ticked, upset, or mad and spew venom in comments. No two people are completely alike and that makes life interesting and aids in our development and maturity. Just reply/comment with your own personal opinion, sincerely and maturely and I am sure we will still be great LJF :0)

I am 54, married 28 years and we have no children by design and intent. I have earned a MBA with distinction and now that I have the whole grad school thing behind me (as of 6/26/11), I am trying to resume my writing, painting and drawing. I am also a former adjunct professor in the business & economic program of a major university where we live. I taught in the evenings. (In 2016 I quit adjunct teaching due to a couple things: one,what ended up being my hourly pay wage was around two dollars an hour. Secondly, the anxiety and angst of successfully teaching the class drowned me to the point I was a miserable ball of nerves.) I am wonderfully employed during the day as an Epic Clarity report writer & data analyst for a major health-care organization where we live. I thank You God for this wonderful opportunity and for all things He has given me.

I am a romantic.
I am Windows not Apple.
I am laptop not desktop.
I am a lover of real tangible books AND Kindle/Adobe Reader books and audiobooks. Me just love books :O)
I prefer quiet over noise.
I prefer simple over complex.
The things around me that u may call clutter, are prompts to memories had or wanted.

My Strength Finders results are: input, achiever, learner, intellectual, context

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Was an INTJ (assessed 2005) - but in (10/25/14) was assessed as an INFJ.
"The INFJ individual is gifted in ways that other types are not. Life is not necessarily easy for the INFJ, but they are capable of great depth of feeling and personal achievement."
Introvert 33% Intuitive 38% Feeling 12% Judging 67%

"INFJs are gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive individuals. Artistic and creative, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. Only one percent of the population has an INFJ Personality Type, making it the most rare of all the types."

EI score of 69 (10/25/14)

Oxford Happiness assessment:
5/19/19 = 1.97
6/25/17 = 2.34
11/5/14 = 3.03
Take the assessment yourself:

Some people I admire: The Lord Jesus Christ (wholly God and wholly man), all those in the Foxe's Book of Martyrs and those since then that have been executed because they would not deny their saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, William Tyndale, John Wycliffe, Matthew Rogers, Gipsy Smith, DL Moody, Clarence Larkin, Ronald Reagan, John Knox, Martin Luther, Apostle Paul, the 12 disciples/apostles listed in Acts 1, Samuel the prophet, William Evans, Ph.D., D.D., Litt. D, Edward F. Hills A.B. - Yale, Th.M. - Columbia, Th.D. - Harvard; JTC, Archbishop James Ussher, John Frith, Erasmus, Alexander Hislop, Avro Manhattan, Dean Burgon, 161 1 KJV Bible Translators, Susanna Wesley, Susannah Thompson Spurgeon, PSR & Gail Riplinger.

Some "things" that I like:
Conscientiousness, well-marked books, kindness, romance, appreciation, morals, empathy, big hugs, nuzzling, eyes, long hair, beauty, modesty, when a women is a "lady", good coffee, windy days or nights, the sound of rain, cold weather, spring, autumn (except all the leaves to rake), roaring fire in the fireplace or pit, a good meal, gestures from a loving or friendly heart, the oceans/large lakes, music, coffee houses/cafes, books!, grand libraries, well used bookshelves, peace, white fluffy clouds in a blue sky, birds nesting, bunnies!, chipmunks!, wildlife when its not predatory, learning, smell of bread or pizza baking, the smell of coffee, collection of information/data/inputs of various kinds, gratitude, connecting the dots in life, old people still in love and are best friends, happy/loving/functional families (wish I had one!), a good mystery, good film/tv/etc., internet, clocks and watches, trains/railroad, history of many types, good conversation/discussion, my music collection, studying the Bible, a well-marked Bible, crunchy snacks, handwritten correspondence & journals/notes, preparing meals for people who will appreciate it, beautiful gardens, blueprints, maps, REAL friends, boat rides, good Bible preaching/teaching, the mountains, the wilderness, hiking, teamwork, correspondence, wisdom, simplicity in the right places & quiet.

Some "things" I loathe:
FAKES, bullying, making fun of people, grief, taking advantage of people, neglect, disregard of others, hate, bossy people, brutality, war, fighting, cursing, degradation of society, evil, wickedness, narcissism, liars, abuse of any kind, loss of innocence, smell of burnt popcorn, nosy people, death, fake friends, disingenuous, being forgotten, not being valued, loss, broken heart, deceit, disrespect, manipulators, arrogance, loud people, troublemakers, self-entitlement, non-stop talkers who are completely self-absorbed and make everything in someway related to themselves,


Current shows that I am watching: Strange Events, River, Bosch, Sherlock, iZombie, Goliath, Borderline, Hinterland, Lava Field, The Kettering Incident, Taken, Shetland, Bordertown, Marcella, Hunted, Dark Matter, Witnesses, The Fade, Black Water, The Living & The Dead, Fearless, & Jean Claude Van Johnson.

Shows no longer in production that will always be all time favorites: Rubicon, The X-Files, Longmire, Luther, Millennium, Grimm, Life, Alias, 24, Stargate Universe, Firefly, MI5/Snoops, Skinwalkers: the Navajo Mysteries, Fringe, Caprica, Orphan Black, In Plain Sight, The IT Crowd, Warehouse 13, Rizzoli & Isles, Crossing Lines, Dicte & the Swedish version of Wahlander (starring Krister Henriksson).
alternate realities, ancestry, ancient mysteries, annotations, archaeology, autumn, av1611, batman, beaches, bettering myself, bible, bible doctrine, biblical studies, bilderberg group, blizzards, boise, books, bookstores, bunnies, cafe, calvin & hobbes, charles stanley, chocolate, christianity, church history, coffee, coffeehouses, cold weather, connecting the dots, conspiracy theories, correspondence, cryptography, cryptology, cryptozoology, d.l. moody, dean martin, development, discernment, dracula, drawing, dreams, emotions, end of the world, eschatology, espresso, ethics, fire, folklore, ghosts, god almighty, grimm, guido brunetti, handwritten words, happiness, hauntings, heavy rain, history, humor, illuminati, illumination, imagination, individuality, information, ink pens, intelligence, internet, intrigue, israel, john wycliffe, kaizen, king james bible, knowledge, laughter, learning, learning to live, leather, letters, library of congress, lists, lord jesus christ, maps, matthew rogers, millennium, minions, mountains, movies, mysteries, nature, nightmares, norse, ocean, owls, painting, parallel universes, paranormal, parapsychology, pens, people watching, perception, pinwheels, pizza, printed word, q-anon, quiet, quotes, reading, ronald reagan, rush, san francisco, santa barbara, scriptures, secret societies, shadow beings, simplicity, snow, sociology, spies, spiritual world, spirituality, stenography, storms, subliminal messages, tacos, the x-files, theology, thinking, thunderstorms, trends, truth, ufos, understanding, unexplained, urban legends, used bookstores, values, viking, wanderlust, well-being, white out snow, wildlife, william tyndale, wisdom, writing, x-files